Tim Worrall • Professor of Economics • The University of Edinburgh

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  • Paper on Intergenerational Insurance revised - December 2021  

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Primary Affiliation The University of Edinburgh, Professor of Economics, School of Economics, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
Other Affiliations Senior Fellow of the Rimini Center for Economic Analysis, Rimini. Member of the Network in Applied and Theoretical Economics.
Career History Educated at Liverpool and Essex Universities and graduated with a PhD in Economics from Liverpool University in 1983. Previously a member of Professor Frank Hahn's ESRC project on Risk, Information and Quantity Signals in Economics at Cambridge University 1983-85 and part of the DFG Sonderforschungsbereich 178 on the Internationalization of the World Economy at Konstanz and Kiel Universities, 1987-1990. Also Assistant Professor at the University of Western Ontario, Reading University and Liverpool University, Professor of Economics at Keele University 1996-2008 and Hallsworth Research Fellow in Political Economy at the University of Manchester, 2008-2011.
Professional Service Member of the Economics and Econometrics Sub-panel of the UK 2021 Research Excellence Framework • External Examiner at University of Nottingham, 2017-19 • External Examiner at Warwick University, 2016-19 • Member of Royal Economic Society Council, 2016-21 • Member of Scientific Committee (Economics) for the International Guide to Academic Journal Quality, 2013-2021 • Member of Economic and Social Research Council Peer Review College, 2010-2018 • Research Assessor, Carnegie Trust, 2014-2018 • External Examiner at the London School of Economics, 2013-15.
Research Interests My principal research interests (with corresponding JEL classification) are: Game Theory and Bargaining Theory (C7) • Market Structure and Pricing (D4) • Information and Uncertainty (D8) • Intertemporal Choice and Growth (D9) • Consumption, Saving, Production, Employment and Investment (E2) • Financial Markets (G1) • Corporate Finance and Governance (G3) • Regulation and Industrial Policy (L5). My main areas of current research are in limited commitment, principal-agent problems and contract theory, risk and uncertainty and network design.
Teaching Interests My primary teaching interests are in economic theory, industrial organisation, game theory, asset pricing, derivatives and risk management.