Tim Worrall • Professor of Economics • The University of Edinburgh

V Teaching

Teaching Interests My primary teaching interests are in economic theory, industrial organisation, game theory, asset pricing, corporate finance, derivatives and risk management.
Current Activities Chair of School of Economics Undergraduate Exam Boards (Honours and Pre-Honours). Courses on Asset Pricing (PG) and Introductory Financial Economics (UG).
Previous Courses Microeconomics (Level M)
Topics in Economic Theory (Level M)
Industrial Organization (Level M)
Game Theory (Level M)
Contract Theory (Level M)
Corporate Finance (Level M)
Financial Instruments (Level M)
Financial Mathematics (Level M)
Options and Futures (Level III)
Economics of Asymmetric Information (Level III)
Corporate Finance (Level III)
Microeconomics (Level III)
Mathematical Economics (Level III)
Modelling the Financial Crisis (Senior Honours)
Labour Economics (Level III)
Quantitative Methods (Level II)
Intermediate Finance (Level II)
Game Theory (Level II)
Managerial Economics II (Level II)
Microeconomics (Level II),
International Economics (Level II)
Mathematical Economics (Level II)
Econometrics (Level II)
Introductory Economics (Level I)
External Examining B.Sc. Economics, University of Nottingham, 2016-19 • B.Sc. Economics, University of Warwick, 2015-19 • M.Sc. Economics, London School of Economics, 2013-15 • Department of Economics, Essex University, Undergraduate programmes in economics, 2006-9 • Department of Economics, University of Birmingham, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in economics, 2005-9 • M.Sc. Economics, University College London, 2003-7 • Department of Economics, University of Leicester, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in economics, 2002-5 • Postgraduate Certificate in Finance, Birkbeck College London, 2001-5.
Other Examining Chief Examiner for Institute of Financial Services Level H modules: Corporate Finance I and Corporate Finance II, 2008-2012.
Review of Programmes External Assessor for Periodic Review of the Department of Economics, York University, April 2017
Member of Research Review Team, Durham Business School, May 2009
External Advisor for Periodic Review of the School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester, April 2007
External Assessor, Investment Management Course, LSE External Study Programme, April 2005